This hauntingly boo-tiful manor can be yours! No realtor, no closing costs, all it takes is little imagination and a few convincing haunted house props. Here, you'll find anything and everything to transform your party space into a place of spine-tingling terror: all sorts of haunted house decorations, and all kinds of truly horrifying props. Life-size props, super-size props, and animated haunted house props... By themselves, these realistic ghosts, grim reapers, and hanging skeletons make a frightening impression, but add to these the severed body parts, skull decorations, and giant spiders that every haunted house requires. Now you've got the picture — with these props and decorations, there's unlimited potential to make the haunting come alive. Station the deluxe and animated props at key points. "Flesh" out the scene with the right haunted house decorations: vinyl room rolls to cover entire walls with images of dungeons and dark, gothic hallways; skull decorations with flashing red eyes to spook the visitors; rubber snakes, furry bats, and giant spiders to populate ill-lit corners of the set. Finally, as a statement decoration, feature your Cousin Bob's head on a stake! Here, we also offer a number of items for the party that follows the excursion to your haunted house: skull-topped cupcake stands for the treats, skull mugs and pitchers, and Halloween bottle labels to dress up your beverage service. So gather up your courage and take a tour of all the haunted house props, decorations, and supplies below.